Welcome to our official Blog!

Welcome to the official Alex Restoration Blog. We will be updating you soon with our works. Stay tuned!

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  1. mach2 says:

    good job! =)

  2. Mrs A says:

    I was hesitant to bring our Little car to Alex to be restored. Such high-profile website, of luxury cars, and impressive vintage cars brought back to better-than-original state. Ours was a little Jimny which we purchased “pre-owned” (how dealers prefer to call secondhand cars) , with high ‘sentimental’ value.

    Alex patiently listened to the ‘look’ that I wanted. a white CLASSY jimny, (like a smaller version of a Range Rover!;) Ha!

    Went for a tour in his garage and saw Maverick’s collection. Flashy vintage cars… ummm…. ahhhh… How do I describe it? HIPHOP.

    I was told that our Jimny would be done in about 3 weeks, but we got it in 4. (we were in no rush).

    When I saw the Jimny I….

    Trophies won from car shows lined the office wall of Alex Restoration. Being a woman, i don’t really care for awards. I watched as the staff worked on the details of the little car. It looked good to go, in glazed creamy white! But the staff and their supervisor, kept on wiping and checking on electrical stuff, etc. etc. it looked clean and perfect, but not in their standards.

    Alex informed me that I have to return the car after 15 days, after curing, for buffing and waxing.

    … I can’t get my eyes off the Jimny ( I don’t even stare at Louis Vuitton bags). I was tranformed into a car lover/ car restoration fan! Our little car was far from luxury, but Alex Restoration treated it like was worth millions. It is not a car show entry, but it sure gained MY seal of approval.

    Sure, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    But Restoration should be consistent.

    …from car show judges, to owners of different tastes… Alex Restoration exceeds expectations!

    Thank you! I love my car!

  3. Eric Villanueva says:

    i wanna inquire for an estimated price for my 1999 hyundai starex turbo diesel intercooler. pls i wanna know how much will it cost for a total repair with a bit of cuztomization… just a rough estimate. thanks very much.

  4. papismalls says:

    Kudos to you Alex! i always admire all of the cars that you fix.

  5. JohnnyGT says:

    Great Site! Great work! Will come for a visit…
    Want to do a project :D

  6. deniz says:

    Hi, ngrerestoration ba kayo ng daihatsu charade? and how much it cost?

  7. vince says:

    can u post some price list… i mean for the car/cars for sale …

  8. vinz says:

    been a car lover since i was a child… now that im 34yrs old. still love great cars.. when i was in my college i have a lancer boxtype that alex painted triple8 red… that was rare before.. now i want to have a project car and i want Alex to be the one who will restore it. love your works sir.. thumbs up.

  9. Kim Santiago says:

    How much ang pa-restore ng 1990 Toyota Corolla AE92? Di nman gaano sira gusto ko lang i-Full Restore Thanks

  10. Jhun says:

    Im planning to buy a secondhand nissan maxima(love the simplicity), and i would love to have a full restoration for it, been watching west coast customs, pimp my ride, and counting cars on tv, and i was wondering how mucj would it cost me to have that restored, wants to change all interiors to dark brown leathers, and get all body works be done like it was original, paint color preferred would be midnight blue(darlkbluish in daylight and dark black at night) preferred, custom chrome mags, and cleaned engine. would dearly appreciate if i get an estimate on this soon, thank you. jhun

  11. arnel molina says:

    I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee which needs some repairs especially so that when I start and drive the car once it gets hot it stops and will only start after I cool it down. Also, I need some spare parts for my rear door so I can open it. But I am afraid to bring it to your shop for fear that it might stop on the highway. If I want it repaired, will you take a car from my house in Sta. Rosa, Laguna? And if I want it restored, how much roughly will I need as my budget so I can save for it?


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